Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wisconsin Flag in that 70s Show

 That 70s Show was a classic home town show about life in the midwest.  More or less focused on the latter half of the 1970s.  It effectively captures teenage basement culture.

Here our heroes sit in a classroom on photo, day.  In the corner is the Wisconsin State Flag. 

Here is another angle of the Wisconsin, State Flag.  Wisconsin really is in the middle of the world since a 45th Parallel North crosses its state lines. 


  1. I didn't watch the show, but guessing by the title that Wisconsin flag is probably historically inaccurate; it shouldn't have had the state name in the 70s. The name was officially added to the flag by the state legislature in 1979, but the change didn't take effect until 1981:

  2. Great Comment, thanks for the insight! Class A Vexi-work! I missed it myself.