Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vexilloids in Synchronicity film - 2016

The film Synchronicity 2016 pays effective homage to that Ridley Scott movie about Knife Jogger? Sword Sprinter? Dagger Dasher? or was it a Blade Booker?   There is one conversation about the Jungian concept of things happening out of groovy coincidental happenstance, but rather sci-fi time traveling hijinks of a Doc and Marty porportions are the main theme of the story.  Perhaps a better name for this movie would have been Temporal Dimensions or Time Runner 2016?

Maybe the underlying unsaid theme is that synchronicity events are actually waves of disturbance from parallel dimensions?

Nonetheless, this movie really captures the feels of the old 1980s sci-fi adventure.  A true blue blooded, shot in blue tones, sci-fi movie without CGI, less a cartoon and more a thoughtful diddy.  Of vexillological significance is the Japanese banner on the upper crosswalk.

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