Friday, August 12, 2016

Goblin Lance Pennons and flags from Labyrinth 1986

 All sorts of flags appear in the 1980s classic, over the rainbow type of adventure - Labyrinth 1986.

David Bowie is the Goblin King.  A Goblin with a red helmet pennon is seen in front of the King.  Also note the king carries a crystal ball staff.
 Another larger Goblin flag, were the Goblins rally to attack our heroes.
 Apparently in the Goblin King's chamber has the royal standard, that has purple with heraldic border of orange.

Here the Scare Crow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion with Toto look longingly at our heroine.  Oops, I meant the Cranky Hobbit with a heart of Gold, the Brave Tiny Humanoid Dog ,and Friendly Magical Hairy Oger, and the Shaggy Dog, Merlin. 

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