Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy Analemma Day 2016!

Happy Analemma Day 2016!

It's that time of the year when the sun retraces its one footprint in the sky.  Coincidentally it is also when the new school year begins in the United States.  How synchronistically quaint!?

The Analemma is that odd design on many, but not all, the globes you see in classroom across America.  It can usually be found in the South Pacific nearer to South America on a globe.  Yet this astronomical phenomena is NEVER explained.  The longest night, longest day, equal times a daylight and nightlight are easy to explain, but not Analemma Day.  Maybe it is because a discussion of the Analemma in the classroom would lead to some low brow Beavis and Butthead comments from the peanut gallery.  Move over Uranus, the Sun has an Analemma.

In simple terms this is where the sun appears in the same exact spot in the sky for one day.  Every year the sun appears at this location at about April 14th, but then returns to this point at about August 31st.  Thus the last day of August when the sun is aligned to one day in mid April, keeping the cosmos in order.  For the rest of the year the sun appears in a unique original position, except for on the last day of August...Analemma Day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Flags in the Video - Can't Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake: Official Song for the Summer of 2016

Mr. Timberlake does it again!  It's official the theme song for the Summer of 16' is ruled by Justin's Can't Stop This Feeling!  In the video sale feather flags can be seen in front of the Wash shop.  The official video features a number of talented and folksy Americans strutting their stuff in the song for all to enjoy.

This song has saturated the American Airwaves, and will pull us back to 16' when its 2026 or 2036. 

Before the Just Beaver, their was the Just Lake of Timber.  Although the Beaver has cut some timber, Timber stands tall and strong by the lake.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shia LeBeouf - Rob Cantor Video with Red Dancing Vexilloids 2014

Exquisite, artful, and passionate silliness reign in red vexilloids in the video for Shia LeBeouf by Rob Cantor 2014.  New kinds of excellence parody, a groovy beat that showcases several art forms to perfection in this video.  It features a chorus of youth and a chorus of age, male and female dancers, an orchestra, and finally...a  modern beat. 

Long red rhythmic flags are twirled in excellent detail.  It is a six ring circus of delight, centered on the movie star of Transfomers - Shia LeBeouf. Amazing artful, silliness that just expands the mind.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fire Hydrant Flag Marker

A new trend with fire hydrants is to add a flag.  Not a normal flag, it is a hard plastic trapezoid on a red and white metal pole.  It is supposed to help visually ID more quickly where the hydrant is located.

You can see "HYDRANT" upon the hard plastic vexilloid.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Life Guard Flags at Ocean, City NJ

 Green marker beach flags are used at beaches in New Jersey.  They indicate the safe area that swimmers should swim in between for life guard supervision.

These flags are currently made of a plastic material, which gives them a sturdy water proof aspect.  Red flag are the no swim zone, outside of the life guards view.

Ocean City, NJ Public Golf Course Flag

Golf flags come in a variety of colours and shapes.  At the Ocean City, NJ public golf course, 4 by 4 red checker flags mark the the target.

This course is a fun rookie to amateur course, worth ones while.  But remember to bring bug spray, since it is right on the bay by Bay Avenue and Tennessee Avenue.

Ocean City, NJ Golf Website:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rhythmic Gymnastics, The Flag of Olympic Elegance

Rhythmic gymnastics has the athele use a flag more explicitly than any other sport in the Olympics.  In this case a long streamer is held by the athelete. This vexiloid is intergral to the performace.  Like always these experts make this sport look easy, when infact it takes alot of concentration and effort.

Here Natalia Gaudio from the host nation of the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil, is struting her talent with this highest of elegant flags in this demostration of artistic excellence.

Another shot of this beautiful of sports that is part dance, part art, and part gymnastics.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wisconsin Flag in that 70s Show

 That 70s Show was a classic home town show about life in the midwest.  More or less focused on the latter half of the 1970s.  It effectively captures teenage basement culture.

Here our heroes sit in a classroom on photo, day.  In the corner is the Wisconsin State Flag. 

Here is another angle of the Wisconsin, State Flag.  Wisconsin really is in the middle of the world since a 45th Parallel North crosses its state lines. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Prince Edward Islands Flag - South Africa

A flag for a small remote uninhabited isles of the coast of South Africa.  Not to be confused with Prince Edward Island of Canada. The Prince Edward Islands belong to South Africa.  

Instead of an oak, an acacia tree stands alone on the center.

Goblin Lance Pennons and flags from Labyrinth 1986

 All sorts of flags appear in the 1980s classic, over the rainbow type of adventure - Labyrinth 1986.

David Bowie is the Goblin King.  A Goblin with a red helmet pennon is seen in front of the King.  Also note the king carries a crystal ball staff.
 Another larger Goblin flag, were the Goblins rally to attack our heroes.
 Apparently in the Goblin King's chamber has the royal standard, that has purple with heraldic border of orange.

Here the Scare Crow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion with Toto look longingly at our heroine.  Oops, I meant the Cranky Hobbit with a heart of Gold, the Brave Tiny Humanoid Dog ,and Friendly Magical Hairy Oger, and the Shaggy Dog, Merlin. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vexilloids in Synchronicity film - 2016

The film Synchronicity 2016 pays effective homage to that Ridley Scott movie about Knife Jogger? Sword Sprinter? Dagger Dasher? or was it a Blade Booker?   There is one conversation about the Jungian concept of things happening out of groovy coincidental happenstance, but rather sci-fi time traveling hijinks of a Doc and Marty porportions are the main theme of the story.  Perhaps a better name for this movie would have been Temporal Dimensions or Time Runner 2016?

Maybe the underlying unsaid theme is that synchronicity events are actually waves of disturbance from parallel dimensions?

Nonetheless, this movie really captures the feels of the old 1980s sci-fi adventure.  A true blue blooded, shot in blue tones, sci-fi movie without CGI, less a cartoon and more a thoughtful diddy.  Of vexillological significance is the Japanese banner on the upper crosswalk.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

US Flag in Swamp Thing 1982

The US Flag appears in the cult classic movie Swamp Thing 1982.  When the helicopter lands in the swamp the pilot just happens to be wearing a US flag sticker on his helmet. 

Swamp Thing is a cult classic for several reasons.  It is the last of the great Man-in-Rubber-Suit B-movies.  More than just a monster fighting the people, this monster is ugly and also beautiful.  He or it, is the anti-hero who lives off an echo of love, to protect the ones who had shown kindness.  A hero that repays kindness with strength, a very strange exchange these days.

Swamp Thing has that 1950s sci-fi feel, and even has a learning lecture at the audience.  In the movie the lead scientist tells his new security agent that the ugly swamp is actually very beautiful, if you look closely.  He later compares the human body on a cellular level as an ugly swamp itself, working in harmony with the environment creating life.  True, since in many ways the swampy cellular nature of tissues and ugly guts connects itself in an almost magical and mysterious way. So never forget that your body too is an amazing, poweful, beautiful, and mysterious swampy environment of cells and materials that can bring healing into this world.  Here Swamp Thing is using swamp powers to heal an injured boy.

One of the major themes spoken and effectively presented in this film is that beauty can be found anywhere if you look hard enough.  You could reboot this movie, but hopefully the themes of love and beauty don't get lost.  It'd be nice to see one more Man-in-a-Rubber-Suit movie, without CGI. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Club Paradise - St. Nicholas Flag 1986

Club Paradise 1986 is a movie that takes place on the fictional island of St. Nicholas.

This island has a unique flag that is a British Canton on yellow.  On the field are two crossed black palms with red setting sun in the distance.

An all star cast plays out in this campy 1980s movie.  

Monday, August 1, 2016

Camp Nowhere Flag 1994

 A silly flag from 1994, a kids time warp dance of sorts for Doc and Biff heads.  Made for kids, yet captures the 1990s.

Camp Nowhere is a silly platter of 90s style 80s style of meatballs. It is the campiest of campy camping movies, worth a nostalgic chuckle for the whole family.

Don't know what campy means?  It's the tone of this campy movie.  Get it?  Campy? Ha ha ho ho hehe hah!