Monday, July 18, 2016

US Flag in the 3rd Ghostbusters 'Movie' - "Ghostbusters the Video Game - 2009"

US Flag visible in "third" Ghostbusters Movie - 2009  Notice ECTO-1B and a Ghostbuster in the corner

The flag of the United States of America appears in the 3rd movie to follow the Ghostbusters franchise.  This is not a reboot, not a remake, nor a remutartation - like Malefecent. 

A reboot is based on the original with the same beats and same characters, keeping the characters intact.  A remake is a new adaption, with slight changes.  A remutartation is a new story mixed with alien elements and breaks significantly with the original tone and or story line.

Ghostbusters - The Video Game is a sequel in the sense that it follows the storyline, because the characters from the Ghostbusters movies further a new original story, often referencing their experiences from the first two movies.  It is a virtual Ghostbusters 3 film, set in the year 1991.

Although this media-game is not an official Hollywood movie, it was created in 2009.  It builds on the storyline of Ghostbusters 1984.  Most importantly it stars the original cast who voice their own digitized avatars: Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman, Dan Akyroyd as Dr. Raymond Stanz, Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler, and Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore.   Like the first Ghostbusters movie, Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis were responsible for writing the plot of this immersive media-video-movie game.

Another classic note of this Ghostbusters project is the producer of the media-game by the ultimate Early 80s home videogame console - Atari.  This Ghostbusters package is a gift for true blue fans, faithful to the tone and style of the first Ghostbusters movie.

Of vexillological note, during the rematch of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,  A 50 starred US flag can be seen flying along the side of building.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Madison Wisconsin Geographic Flag

The flag for 89 Degrees West by 43 Degrees North is a tribar coded to numbers.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania & New Jersey Flag

Here is a unique flag that combines the flags of Pennsylvania and New Jersey- The Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania & New Jersey Flag.  It is framed in yellow with a yellow bend from the upper hoist to the lower fly.  The lower hoist side has the Pennsylvania State flag, while the upper fly has the New Jersey State flag.  Written in blue in the New Jersey section is: "DELAWARE RIVER PORT AUTHORITY."  Written in yellow in the Pennsylvania section is: "OF PENNSYLVANIA & NEW JERSEY."   The state steals are on disc of with a slightly lighter colour.

Geographic Flag for Jackson, Mississippi

The flag for 90 Degrees West by 32 Degrees North is a tribar of white, pink, and white.  The tribar codes for 90 Degrees.  The central star codes for 32 Degrees North, and denotes that this is the Western Hemisphere.

Jackson, Mississippi is of the rare places to sit on the "Mirror Meridian of 90 Degrees West" which is the only Meridian aligned to its Eastern Meridian: 90 Degrees East. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Geographic Flag for Baton Rouge, Lousiana

The flag for 91 Degrees West by 30 Degrees North is a tribar of white, pink, and red.  The flag covers the area on the grid that holds Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Geographic Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands Flag

The flag for 64 Degrees West  by 18 Degrees North has a tribar of white, indigo, and green.  The colours are reflective latitude and longitude.  And the order of colour to number is based upon the sequence in of the rainbow.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Geographic Flag

 The flag for 66 Degrees West and 14 Degrees North uses the colours indigo, white, green, red, and a little black.  The colours are coded to numbers that are reflective of Longitude and Latitude.  Since indigo is the 6th colour of the rainbow, we have an indigo field.

Augusta, Maine Geographic Flag: 69 Degrees West by 44 Degrees North

The flag for 69 Degrees West by 44 Degrees North includes the capital of Maine- Augusta.  It is a tribar of white, indigo, and pink.  These colours are coded to numbers which reflect the Latitude and Longitude of Augusta, Maine.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Flags in the Deadpool 2016

Flags appear in almost every movie.  In Deadpool 2016 the US flag appears as a bar light.  It is visible just after the fight.

A unique flag is the white truce underwear flag.  It is made on the fly by Deadpool.  You can see the black elastic trim.

Mt. Etna Geographic Flag

The flag for 14 Degrees East by 37 Degrees North includes Mt. Etna.  With these flags colours are coded to numbers, based upon the order of the spectrum: Red = 1, Yellow = 2, Green = 4, Purple = 7.  Thus the background reads 37 Degrees.


Mt Ararat Flag

The flag for 44 Degrees East by 39 Degrees North, just happens to contain Mt. Ararat.  It has a field of white and mostly green, that code to 44 Degrees East.  Likewise the central stars code to 39 Degrees North.  Thus any flag with a dominant upward yellow star and lesser pink star is parallel to Mt. Ararat.  But note if the central pentagon of the dominant yellow star is white, then it is in the Western Hemisphere, yet still parallel to Mt. Ararat.  What this means on a cosmic level is that the same slice and stars in heaven are directly above Mt. Ararat and all other locations on this parallel.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Geographic Flag for Belfast, Northern Ireland: 5 Degrees West by 54 Degrees North

Since colours are coded to numbers with Geographic Flags, this flag reads as 5 Degrees West by 54 Degrees North.  The order to number code is reflective of the rainbow spectrum.  Green is the 4th colour, thus it represents the number four. And blue is the 5th colour, thus it represents the number five.

Geographic Flag for Gibraltar at: 5 Degrees West by 36 Degrees North

The Geographic Flag for Gibraltar has two star of blue and yellow, that are coded to Latitude: 36 Degrees North.  With these flags, colours are coded to the rainbow spectrum.  Since yellow is the 3rd colour, it represents the number 3 and indigo is the 6th colour, so it represents 6.  Likewise blue is the 5th colour, for five. 

Thus this flag reads 5 Degrees West by 36 Degrees North.  This is an apolitical flag that can be used by any nation or person.  It is a scientific vexillologically "GOOD FLAG" that conveys meaning, symbolism, with a simple design.

Geographic Flag for the Isle of Mann, UK: 4 Degrees West by 54 Degrees North

The Geographic flag for the Isle of Mann has two stars of blue and green, which are coded to numbers: 54.  Since the heart of Isle of Mann and the Capital rest on the 54th Parallel North we have these two colours- which are ordered to the rainbow.  Green is the 4th colour of the spectrum, while blue is the 5th colour of the spectrum.  Likewise the green bar near the fly is coded to 4 Degrees West.

Geographic Flag for Cardiff, Wales at: 3 Degrees West by 51 Degrees North

The Geographic Flag for Cardiff, Wales has a yellow fly bar, that is coded to number.  Since Yellow is the 3rd colour of the rainbow and Cardiff is on the 3rd Meridian West - we see a yellow fly bar.  Also the blue and red star are coded to Cardiff's Longitude: 51 Degrees North.  Reason being blue is the 5th colour and red is the 1st colour of the rainbow.

Geographic Flag for Dublin, Ireland: 6 Degrees West by 53 Degrees North

Since Dublin, Ireland rests on the 6th Meridian West, it gets an indigo bar near the fly.  Reason being, indigo is the 6th colour of the rainbow.  The central stars of blue and yellow code for the Latitude of this city: 53 Degrees North. 

Geographic Edingurgh, Scotland Flag: 55 Degrees North by 3 Degrees West

The Geographic Flag for Edinburgh, Scotland has to five pointed blue stars that are coded to numbers.  In this case blue is the 5th colour of the rainbow, subsequently the stars are blue since Edinburgh rests on the 55th West.  Also the yellow bar near the fly codes for 3, since yellow is the third colour of the rainbow.

Geographic Flag for Columbus, Ohio: 82 Degrees West by 39 Degrees North

The Geographic Columbus, Ohio flag is a tribar of white, black, and orange- coded to Longitude.  In the center is a pink and yellow star which are reflective of Latitude.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pac-Man Family with Corrected Original Cabinet Art

The Pac-Man Family with the original American Game Cabinet Art, retro-actively corrected from 2016. Pac-Man is from Japan, but when the imported in the USA, the artwork from the Midway Company altered the Pac-Man. In truth Pac-Man is the twin to Puck-Man, who has a sphere like body with legs and arms. American Pac-Man had no arms. And in the original artwork had bloodshot eyes.

Geographic Wellington, New Zealand Flag: 174 Degrees East 41 Degrees South

The Geographic flag of Wellington, New Zealand is a perfect fly-hoist match to star.  Because the colours of the fly and hoist repeat in the colours of the stars.  With these flags, colours are coded to numbers.  And these numbers related to longitude and latitude.  In this case 174 Degrees East by 41 Degrees South. 

The central yellow pentagon indicates an Eastern Longitude, while the upside down dominant star indicates a Southern Parallel.


Image Credit: Wikipedia

Geographic Sedona Flag, Arizona

Many mystics say that Sedona, Arizona sits on a magical meridian.  Certainly there is a spirit to place and community.  And Sedona, Arizona is home a special community spirit.  There is peaceful harmonious vibe to this area.  Although not perfect, as every city has it sector of jerks and jokers.  Nonetheless Sedona, Arizona has a higher percentage of warm and welcoming folk than your average city. 

By fate, Sedona sits on the 111th Merdian West, this gives it a fully red background.  Because flags of this nature have colours coded to numbers.  Likewise the yellow and green star read 34 Degrees.

Geographic Flag for Phoenix, Arizona

The Geographic flag for Phoenix has a field of red and orange.  These colours are coded to numbers: 112.  And this is reflective of Phoenix's longitude.  Also the yellow stars in the center are coded to Latitude at 33 Degrees North.

Geographic Lansing, Michigan Flag

The flag for 84 Degrees West by 42 Degrees North is a tribar of white, black, and green.  It also has a central star of green and orange.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Geographic Flag for Cites on the 10th Meridian East

The cities of the 10th Meridian East includes many nations and many cities.

 This flag reads 10 Degrees East by 3 Degrees North, which contains Edea, Cameroon.
 This flag read 10 Degrees East by 42 Degrees North, which contains Elba, Italy.
 This flag reads as 10 Degrees East by 12 Degrees North, which contains Nguru, Nigeria.
 This flag read 10 East by 36 Degrees North, which contains Tunis, Tunisia.
This flag read 10 Degrees East by 59 Degrees North, which contains Oslo, Norway.

For contrast, here are the flags for places on the 10th Meridian West, which still includes Europe and Africa.

 The Geographic flag for 10 Degrees West by 6 Degrees North contains Monrovia, Liberia.
 The Geographic flag for 10 Degrees West by 52 Degrees North contains Dingle Bay, Ireland.