Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lo'ihi Seamount Flag

The Geographic Lo'ihi Seamount flag uses US patriotic colours of red, white, and blue with dash of black.  The colours are coded to numbers.  And the code is based upon the order a rainbow.  Red being the first colour, so it represents 1.  Blue as the fifth colour, it represents 5.  Also white represents zero, while black represents 8. 

Usually these types of flags are tribars, but since 155 Degrees West has two 5s, we have a blue field. 

In the center are two five pointed stars, which are coded to latitude.   They represent the number 18, for 18 Degrees North.  The dominant red star represents to tens column, while the background star represents the ones column.  Also the white pentagon indicates that this is the Western Hemisphere.  And finally the upward dominant star indicates that this is a Northern parallel. 

Also note this flag can be flown over the southern tip of Hawaii's King Island, since crosses this geographic panel.  

Lo'ihi is predicted to appear above the surface at earliest in the Year 9876 or at latest by Year 12,345.  By that time our species will have vanished like the dinosaurs due to cybernetic integration and genetic modifications.  But humans as we are today may be kept alive in 'zoos of the future' or traded like cattle to do menial and undesirable work.

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