Sunday, June 26, 2016

Geographic Flag for Midway Atoll

The Midway Atoll Geographic flag has its colors coded to numbers.  The order of colors to numbers are based upon the rainbow.  Red is one, since it's the first color of the rainbow.  Orange is two, since it is the second color of the rainbow.  Purple is seven, since it is the seventh color of the rainbow. 

The field of one red to two purples makes it 177 Degrees.  The central white pentagon indicates that it is in the Western Hemisphere. 

The two 5 pointed stars indicate the latitude.  In this case it represent 28 Degrees North.  The dominant orange star, pointing up indicates 20 and the northern hemisphere since it is pointing up.  The lesser black star indicates 8.  When you add 20 to 8 you get 28 Degrees, which is that latitude of Midway.

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