Saturday, June 25, 2016

Geographic Flag for the Highest Point in Alaska at 151 Degrees West by 63 Degrees North

The Grid Geographic Flag for the tallest point in all of the United States of America uses the colours: red, blue, indigo, yellow, and black.  The tribar represents longitude while the stars represent latitude.  The colours are coded to a number, which is based upon the order of the rainbow.

Since red is the first colour of the official rainbow, it represents 1.  Likewise blue is the fifth colour, that represents 5.  Thus the tribar represents 151.  Likewise Mt. Denali rests on 151th West.  Additionally the central white pentagon indicates this is a Western Meridian, otherwise if it were yellow it would indicate an Eastern Meridian.

Since indigo is the sixth colour, it represents 6.  Finally as yellow is third colour, it represents 3.  Thus 63 is the latitude.  Its northern parallel is indicated since the dominant star points upwards.  Thus if the dominant star were pointing down, it
would indicate a southern parallel.

Note this mountain's middle name is Mt. McKinley and stands at 6190 Meters above sea level.

image credit: Wikipedia

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