Thursday, June 30, 2016

Geographic Rio de Janeiro Flag

The Geographic flag for Rio de Janeiro is a tribar of white, green, and yellow.  These colours are coded to zero, green, and yellow- which in turn are coded to numbers: 043.  The number 43 refers to Rio De Janeiro's Longitude at 43 Degrees West.  Likewise the two pointed orange stars refer to the number 22, since Rio's Latitude is 22 Degrees South.

The central white pentagon denotes that this is a Western line of Longitude.  Also the dominant upside down star denotes that this is a Southern Parallel.

The order of the colour to number is based upon the order of appearance in a rainbow.  Orange is 2, because it is the second colour of the rainbow.  Yellow is 3, since it is the third colour of a rainbow.  Green is 4, because it is the fourth colour of the rainbow.  Since there are only seven official colours in a rainbow, the numbers 8, 9, and 0 are coded to black, pink, and white; unless they appear in the pentagon or form the outline of the central stars of Latitude.

 Image Credit: Wikipedia

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