Saturday, June 25, 2016

Flag for the Geographic Grid of the Middle Rocks, Disputed Claim by Sigapore and Malaysia

The Middle Rocks are in the Pacific Ocean and a disputed claim between Malaysia and Singapore.  Here is a non-national affiliated flag that represents the geographical area of the space.  The colours are coded to numbers as set by the rainbow.  Red is 1 and the 1st colour of the rainbow.  Green is 4 as is the 4th colour of the rainbow, while white represents 0, since it is not a part of the official rainbow.  Thus the colours red, white, green read as 104 East.  The East designation is discerned by the central yellow pentagon, otherwise a central white pentagon represents a Western line of longitude.

The stars indicate latitude.  Here it is 01 degrees.  The dominant star is white, while the lesser star is red.  This translates to 01 North.  It is North because the dominant star is pointing upwards, otherwise it'd be South.  Capeesh?

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