Saturday, June 25, 2016

Flag for the Geographic Area Furthest from the Center of the Earth - Chimbarazo, Ecuador: 78 Degrees West by 01 Degrees South

The highest point on Earth is not Mt. Everest.  This is true when you factor in all aspects of air, sea, and land.  This measurement is based not upon sea level rising, but rather from the center of the Earth.  Bragging rights go to the nation named after the equator, Ecuador.  Or in a direct literal English translation - Equatorland.

The Belly Button of the Earth
This flag is a true scientific geographic grid flag.  The colours are coded to numbers, based upon the official order of the rainbow.  Since red is the 1st colour of the rainbow it is coded to 1.  Purple is the 7th colour of the rainbow, so it is coded to 7.  Since there are only seven colours in the official rainbow only seven numbers are coded to the rainbow.  Subsequently zero is coded to white and eight is coded to black.  Finally nine is coded pink.

Since this area is in the Southern Hemisphere, the dominant star is pointing downwards.  Likewise the central pentagon is white, which indicates the Western Hemisphere. 

image credit: Wikipedia

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