Saturday, June 25, 2016

Flag for 49 Degrees East by 45 Degrees North: Ukatny Island in the Caspian Sea

Ukatny Island is a disputed place in the Caspian Sea, between Russia and Khazaktan.  Here the tribar is coded to longitude, while the stars are coded to latitude.  The tribar reads as white, green, pink which matches up to 049.  As the tribar makes vertical lines it makes sense to have it represent the longitude, which is 049 degrees.  The yellow pentagon represents the Eastern Hemisphere, otherwise it'd be white for the Western Hemisphere. 

The dominant upward star indicates it is in the Northern Hemisphere.  The dominant green star represents the 10s portion of latitude, while the lesser five pointed star represents the 1s portion of the latitude: thus green, blue represents 4,5.  Because green is the 4th color of the rainbow, while blue is the 5th color of the rainbow.

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