Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flag for persons born on US territory before it was the USA

A temporal flag for persons born in the USA before it was a part of the USA.  It may seem strange but there are people who were born in parts of the USA before it was US soil.  Most of founding fathers were born in the British Empire, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. 

The pattern of the flag is based upon a lost flag that is currently attributed to John Hewson of Philadelphia, who was a calico printer during the Revolution, soldier and patriot for the American Republic in its infancy.  The lost flag is called the Martha Washington flag, and was one of many early unofficial flags created at the earliest phase of the US revolution.

Also note the General who lead the Mexicans to victory at the battle of Puebla, Mexico on May 5th 1862 is commemorated under this flag.  This is because he was born in what is now the USA.  General Ignacio Zargoza Segun was born in Goliad, Texas.  So in a weird way it was officially speaking a Texan who defeated the French at Puebla back in 1862 on that fateful May 5th.  Texas just got one more bragging right! 

Just one more reason for Americans to celebrate Cinco de  Mayo.  But note General Zargoza was officially a Mexican citizen at the time.  Yet-but, he was an Original Texan or Tejano who was born on pre-US soil who let his natural Texan fighting spirit triumph on that most important of Cinco de Mayos.  

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  1. Many Cinco de Mayo explanation videos ALWAYS over look the fact that this General was born in TEXAS!