Monday, May 30, 2016

Pac-Man Ghost for the USA - "Ameriky"

The patriotic Pacman Ghost "Ameriky" is based upon the flag of the United States.  "Ameriky" has thirteen stripes and a blue canton field.  An appropriate ghost for today's American Holiday, Memorial Day.

Vexillological Pac-Man Ghost for France and Belgium: "Frenchy" & "Beljy"

Mongolia Pac-Man Ghost "Mongoly"

A Pacman Ghost with the colours of Mongolia, missing the golden symbols of course. 

Guatemala & Nigeria Pac-Man Ghosts

Ireland and Ivory Coast Pac-Man Ghosts

The Emerald and Ivory Coast have beautiful and similar flags.  Subsequently a Pacman Ghost in their honor is in order.  Here we have Eriny for Ireland, Ivory for the Ivory Coast, and Irevory for the middle ground in between.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pac-Man Ghost Romandory - A mix of Romania and Andorra and Moldovia

Since Romania, Andorra, and Moldova all use the same flag colours, it is only natural that a Pacman Ghost be made with their likeness.  Certainly there is a person in Europe who is part Romanian, Andorran, and Moldovan. 

Just to clarify Chady is the another Pacman Ghost whose colours go opposite order to Romandory.  This is like the situation in the Original Star Trek series Let That Be Your Last Battle that first aired on January 10, 1969 with the blackface/whiteface races of the planet Arrianus. 

Likewise Chady is from Africa while Romandory is from Europe.

Capuranuday - The Canada and Peru Coloured Pac-Man Ghost

Since Peru and Canada have such similar colours and general matching flag pattern, it's only fair to create a Pacman Ghost who is reflective of these two gloriously friendly and awesome nations.  Capauranuday is the best of both worlds, Peru and Canada. 

Certainly there are a few people who are mixed Canadian and Peruvian.  They can speak perfect English, French, Spanish, and Quechua.  They get the jokes on the BBC, TF1, CBC, TVE, and Univision, plus understand the other Yankee Channels on CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC.   

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pac-Man Ghost "Mexitally"

Mexitally is the Pacman ghost that has colours that match the pattern of Mexico and Italy, thus the name "Mexitally."

Classroom Carpet Flags

Carpet classroom flags on maps are popular decorations in classrooms across America.  Here the continents are colored and several flags from different nations are visible. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

US State Seal Armorial Banner, A Unique Heraldic Flag

The armorial banner is based upon the pattern found on the shield, for a coat of arms.  In this case the shield on the official US coat of arms gives rise to this flag: the US State Seal Armorial Banner.  Interestingly there are no stars on the blue canton section.  Also the stripes are vertical and start with white, making them end with white.  Stars are missing because they appear in a cloud above the eagle. 

Although this is not an official flag, with the standard rules of heraldry applied to the shield found within the official US Coat of Arms, this is the consequential flag. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Space Invader Rank, plus a Minecraft Mod

There were three original forms of the Space Invaders, the Invaders near the top were the higher ranking and harder to hit, as they were smaller.  While the lower rank invaders were bigger and easier to hit.  Here the Space Invaders have been Mincraftinized to honor the legacy of awesome opponents in Video Games.  These guys are the Original A.I. Coded Bad Guys who came, saw, and conquered the imaginations of Earth. 

Pac-Man Stage Ranks and Introducing "Creepy"

Stages one starts off with is the cherry, then strawberry, then orange, then apple, the melon, the spaceship, then bell, and finally the key.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chips Ahoy! Astronaut Cookie Asteroid Flag 2016

Flags in commercials have become popular things!  Additionally blogging about pop culture flags has become a thing!!!

 Like a flashing like for the day, the fluttering of flags can capture a person's attention!   In the Chips Ahoy! commercial that features an astronaut planting a flag on an asteroid cookie, a new type of flag is seen!  It has a blue background with the red exclamation point fimbrated in white in the center!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Adult Education Vexilloids 1984 - Daryl Hall & John Oates

Red Vexilloid from "Adult Education" 1984 - Hall & Oates
Daryl Hall and John Oates are known for their rock and roller videos that usually feature the boys with the band.  But in their Adult Education 1984 video, they took an artistic approach with the meaning of the lyrics.  The result was surreal  Road Warrior Union of Male and Female forms work of art.  In this video a woman with a red vexilloid is matched up with a man with a large black shield. 

Hall sings with his signature passion-mug poses with the Ultimate 80s Wing-Man, Oates, in the background.  In the background are several vexilloid like objects that have an ancient Babylonian kind of feel. The union of man with woman has enchanted all cultures, and public rituals and displays of their physical and spiritual togetherness have manifested in all cultures. 

Here our mysterious "female virgin initiate" is holding a vexilloid in her right hand that has a wild yet organic appearance.  It has a rake shape with wildly placed strips of red fabric tied to certain points.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

D.C. Cab Flag - 1983 Movie

D.C. Cab is a timeless gem, from the 1980s.  Starring 80s icon Mr. T, this film painted a clear and real image of America in the early 1980s.  Of vexillological originality is the D.C. Cab pennant.  It is a basic design.  It has a yellow background and D.C. CAB written upon it.  During the parade scene people can be seen waving it for our unlikely Super Cabbie heroes.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flag for persons born on US territory before it was the USA

A temporal flag for persons born in the USA before it was a part of the USA.  It may seem strange but there are people who were born in parts of the USA before it was US soil.  Most of founding fathers were born in the British Empire, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. 

The pattern of the flag is based upon a lost flag that is currently attributed to John Hewson of Philadelphia, who was a calico printer during the Revolution, soldier and patriot for the American Republic in its infancy.  The lost flag is called the Martha Washington flag, and was one of many early unofficial flags created at the earliest phase of the US revolution.

Also note the General who lead the Mexicans to victory at the battle of Puebla, Mexico on May 5th 1862 is commemorated under this flag.  This is because he was born in what is now the USA.  General Ignacio Zargoza Segun was born in Goliad, Texas.  So in a weird way it was officially speaking a Texan who defeated the French at Puebla back in 1862 on that fateful May 5th.  Texas just got one more bragging right! 

Just one more reason for Americans to celebrate Cinco de  Mayo.  But note General Zargoza was officially a Mexican citizen at the time.  Yet-but, he was an Original Texan or Tejano who was born on pre-US soil who let his natural Texan fighting spirit triumph on that most important of Cinco de Mayos.