Saturday, April 9, 2016

Vexilloids in Girls Just Want to Have Fun Video - 1985

Cyndi Lauper's Ship with Ankh #3340 circa 1985, Girls Just Want to Have Fun

In 1985 Cyndi Lauper's song Girls Just Want to Have Fun hit the airwaves in the heart of the 1980s.  Beating a power vibe of fun, dance, and friendship... like the power of love, this song can take people back to 1985.  Its positive uplifting lyrics were enhanced by its creative video, that included everyone and all types of persons at all economic levels.

The most vexillologically significant item is the emblem on the ship.  Central emblems on classic sailing ships often functioned like flags.  In our case here with Lauper, the emblem is the ancient Egyptian Ankh with five 'stars' above, and a crown on the crest.

Even North America's premiere vexillological journal is entitled The Raven, which is based upon the fact that Vikings first landed on the shores of North America at the first millennium.   This makes the Vikings the first, real Millennials.  So in objective truth, the current generational cohort of so called Millennials should really be called Second Place Millennials, Bi-Millennials, Di-Millenials or Millennial-Squared? Maybe?

However there is no concrete evidence that a Viking Ship with a raven upon its main sail ever landed on North America.  Nonetheless the symbol of the Raven has become the chosen symbol and name of the top scholarly journal of the world dedicated to Vexillology. A fact based upon total speculative fiction.

Not just for a Bigoted Sexist Gender-nista' would have it!  In the video, boys are also empowered to fun and joy under the guidance of Cyndi's special kind of grace.  Also note, aliens are included too, as a Conehead with sunglasses appears dancing at the end.

Cyndi's Dots 1985

A final unique and original vexilloid, of sorts, is a camera cover-merge prop that segments the high tech 80s bubble pop graphics to Cyndi watching an old black and white television.   The vexilloid has a white background, red poke-a-dots and wooden handle.

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