Saturday, April 23, 2016

Union Banner from Gung Ho 1986 - Local 3099

Hadleyville, Pennsylvania  is where the movie Gung Ho 1986 takes place.  Labor unions are a natural consequence of working for wages in the modern world. 

Perhaps the most popular North American labor union are the Teamsters. Unions usually protect society from slave and sub-human wages.  A slave wage is the basic amount of salary that pays for standard use of utilities, a car, medical insurance, and nothing is left over for savings or pleasure.  However there are wages that are "sub-human" that is lower than a slave wage, which a 40 hour working week wage can not cover these basic expenses.  People in these situations are often forced to work a second job or third job, rely on the government and charity for additional benefits, or live in sub-standard living conditions.   

 The workers union banner Local 3099 is visible when Hunt Stevenson, Mikey K, gives speech on how he can take the Japanese auto executives.

 Hunt uses sports metaphors to explain his plan.  Although cheesy, it really is a good way to relate to deep blue collar workers.

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