Thursday, April 7, 2016

Livery of Michael Jackson's School in Thriller 1982

Interest in zombies waxes and wanes, currently it is in a sustained full bloom.  By the year 2022, the zombie thrill is sure to enter another waning phase.  But back in 1982, Michael Jackson made this ugly-yet lovable play with the afterlife a key note in his legacy.

Thriller 1982 was an epic video for its time, as its production value cracked the glass ceiling.  But a meeting of art, music, and video put this song and video in the charmed class of Some Where Over the Rainbow epics. 
 Of vexillological note the livery of Jackson's fictional school can be seen.  It is red and gold.  The name of the school obviously begins with an M.  But we never hear its name.  Who knows?

Also the Thriller Marquee is a strange triple edged device that playfully refers to a movie, video, and song.

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