Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flags in the Graduate 1967

The US flag appears in the Graduate 1967 when Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, waits by a fountain at Berkley University.  This is the 50 starred modern space age flag.  Note that this film was created at the opening seasons of the 1960s, when this decade was in transition from the 1950s.  Much of the 1960s were exactly like the 1950s, say about til' 1966.

Also note several international flags appear in the film.  Half the flag of South Vietnam is visible, as yet the Vietnam War was just heating up.  Also visible is the flag of Nepal, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, El Salvador, Australia, Jamaica, Ecuador and two hard to recognize others.

Also note the Anglo-Saxon Cultural revolution was really picking up momentum in the United States and the United Kingdom.  The roles of women and men were shifting personally and in the media.  Likewise the African Americans and African nations were fighting for equity and independence. 
 The most unique flag in the movie belongs to a fraternity - Theta, Delta, Chi.  When Ben runs into the Frat House, the flag can be seen.  It is a tri-bar of navy blue, white, and blue.  On the navy blue hoist part is a white Greek letter Theta.  In the middle white portion is a blue Greek letter Delta.  Finally a Greek letter Chi is on the fly-ward blue part. 
The letter Theta is not visible on the flag, but once inside, there is shot of the Fraternities letters framed in the dining room.

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