Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flag in Myra's Video Miracles Happen

A flag is visible in the official video for Miracles Happen by Myra.  Interlaced with the original video are cut scenes from the Princess Diaries 2001.  Jumping in the air for joy is Mia in her school uniform, played by Anne Hathaway.  The prep school flag with the school lion emblem is in the background hanging from a wall.

The US flag also appears as pattern clothing on Myra in her video.  Myra is wearing a jean jacket with a US flag imprint on it, and the stripes of the American flag can be seen on her red shirt.  It is only visible for a fraction of second. This is the most original vexillology related item to appear in the music video that is not a clip taken from the Princess Diaries movie.

 Limousine flags also appear in the video.  This part is directly from the Princess Diaries movie.  Note this flag is a vertical tri-bar of green, white, and blue.  In the central white area is the national arms of a fictional nation - Genovia

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