Sunday, April 24, 2016

Glaive Banner from Krull 1983

Excalibur meets Star Wars, spiced with two teaspoons of Dune and a hint of Willow and The Dark Crystal - walla' we have the movie Krull from 1983. The Glaive is a five pointed cutting weapon that responds to the controllers thoughts, kind of like a drone-boomerang.

A classic Sci-fi movie that just opens the imagination.  A movie worthy of reboot!

Colwyn's Flag from Krull 1983

The 1980s saw cosmic forces assault the imaginations of Earth.  In the wake of galactic dreams to awaken, it was from the United Kingdom came the fantastic movie Krull 1983.

 This movie took the fantasy genre to a new level of lore mixed with romantic notions of history.  Of vexillological note the hero of the movie, Prince Colwyn, is seen carrying his banner.  Although his culture is modeled from the Far Western style of camelot, the flag bears an Eastern samurai design.  It has black, red, and white colours with a trailing long top pennant and smaller trailing streamers.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

USA Rebel Stripes Shirt plus Legs & Breast Banner with George Wendt 1986

Gungo Ho 1986 starred America's favorite Norm - George Wendt.  He is wearing the original Rebel Naval Jack of 13 red and white stripes, with USA written in blue. 

The Legs and Breast banner is a supermarket broadside advertising a special at the local Hadleyville supermarket in the film Gung Ho 1986.  Here Michael Keaton fights George Wendt over work related tensions in Gung Ho 1986.

Gung Ho truly is a grown up movie that your average man-child would find boring.  Ron Howard effectively captures the tensions between workers, leaders, men, women, and foreigners.  Although Japanese and American trade tensions are low, trade tensions will always manifest across the world among the nations. 

US Celebratory Flags in Gung Ho 1986

Truth may set you free, but sometimes there is a shock and period of waiting, especially in the wake of a jarring revelation.  The truth can hurt or lead the soul to a sad and angry place.  But with a little faith, teamwork, and cooperation the hand of destiny can guide you right.  Sometimes you'll have to wing it weather you like it or not.  At the moment America still has to greatest power to wing it, but believe me you have to fail many, many, many, many times before your really get your wings - before you can really wing it.

Here the blue collar Pennsylvania auto workers are congratulating Hunt on standing up to the Japanese Executives.

Union Banner from Gung Ho 1986 - Local 3099

Hadleyville, Pennsylvania  is where the movie Gung Ho 1986 takes place.  Labor unions are a natural consequence of working for wages in the modern world. 

Perhaps the most popular North American labor union are the Teamsters. Unions usually protect society from slave and sub-human wages.  A slave wage is the basic amount of salary that pays for standard use of utilities, a car, medical insurance, and nothing is left over for savings or pleasure.  However there are wages that are "sub-human" that is lower than a slave wage, which a 40 hour working week wage can not cover these basic expenses.  People in these situations are often forced to work a second job or third job, rely on the government and charity for additional benefits, or live in sub-standard living conditions.   

 The workers union banner Local 3099 is visible when Hunt Stevenson, Mikey K, gives speech on how he can take the Japanese auto executives.

 Hunt uses sports metaphors to explain his plan.  Although cheesy, it really is a good way to relate to deep blue collar workers.

Welcome Parade Banners from Gung Ho 1986

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Gung Ho 1986 reiterates the Karate Kid 1984 champion Japanese-American teamwork ethos on an adult level with serious grown up issues.

 Here the people even strung out carps along with balloons for the welcoming event of the Japanese auto executives.

 Here people have made an love banner for Assan, because the want to keep their automobile jobs.

The homemade welcome banner shows a occidental worker with yellow hat shaking the hand of oriental business man with glasses.

Ribbons of Shame from Gung Ho 1986

Starring Michael Keaton of Pennsylvania and Gedde Watanabe of Utah, Gung Ho is a classic 1980s film that plays on the trade tensions of Japan and the United States.  In this scene here the Japanese Auto executive is wearing black, red, and blue ribbons of leadership shame.

Assan Motor Company Banner - Gung Ho 1986

 In 1986 trade tensions between the USA and Japan were are all time highs.  The labor undercutting from East Asia with low cost international transportation saw that many manufacturing jobs in the USA were lost.  In the wake of this process a special gem from Hollywood Land was created Gung Ho 1986.

Here is the logo of the fictional Japanese automobile company.  Notice it has the Japanese disc as found on the Japanese national flag.  Also the name Assan strikes a similar sound with Nissan, which is indeed a real Japanese motor company.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flag in Collective Soul's Run Video 2011

A flag briefly appears in the video for Run by Collective Soul from the album Dosage 1999.  When the team makes a touchdown fans standing by the end zone wave their flag in a frenzy. The cut scene is taken from the movie Varsity Blues.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Royal Pillow Motto from Genovia - "Totus Corpus Laborat"

 The Princess Dairies 2001 is a zero to hero makeover movie.  Here the motto of the nation can be seen on the Royal Pillow with Cat.  It read's "Totus Corpus Laborat" which like like saying "Total Corporate Labor."

Starring a real life princess, Anne Hathaway, is the Princess of Genovia.  She overcomes her challenges not with magic or fairy dust, but good old fashioned trails and errors, letting the better half of her heart win the day. This is one of the few realistic non-magical Princess Disney movies, yet this princess is not a part of the Disney Princess Doll Collections.

Genovia Livery in food, umbrella, and car flag - The Princess Diaries 2001

A patriotic dish, or rather matriotic cuisine appears for the fictional nation of Genovia, that is supposedly somewhere between France and Spain - kinda' like Andorra.  As with all nations the national dish that has the national colours makes an appearance in the Princess Diaries 2001

Here the colours of Genovia can be seen on the car flag: green, white, and blue.  The flag also has a yellow fringe.

The umbrellas reflect the livery of Genovia.  The people have gathered to hear important news from the heir apparent in this could really happen Disney movie about a princess.

US Flag in the Princess Diaries 2001

The US flag with starry canton appears in vivid detail crossed with the flag of the fictional Kingdom of Genovia.  Often times fate steps in and turns a persons world upside down.  In this film a local less than popular girl from San Francisco, becomes the de-facto heir to Genovia when her father unexpectedly passes away.

The US flag makes three appearances in The Princess Diaries 2001.  In the opening sequence at the high school it can be seen on the left side of the screen.  However only the lower stripes appear. 

The US flag also appears during the after school filming of the local cable tv news that only reaches a dozen people.  It appears behind the student camera-woman.

Flags in the Graduate 1967

The US flag appears in the Graduate 1967 when Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, waits by a fountain at Berkley University.  This is the 50 starred modern space age flag.  Note that this film was created at the opening seasons of the 1960s, when this decade was in transition from the 1950s.  Much of the 1960s were exactly like the 1950s, say about til' 1966.

Also note several international flags appear in the film.  Half the flag of South Vietnam is visible, as yet the Vietnam War was just heating up.  Also visible is the flag of Nepal, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, El Salvador, Australia, Jamaica, Ecuador and two hard to recognize others.

Also note the Anglo-Saxon Cultural revolution was really picking up momentum in the United States and the United Kingdom.  The roles of women and men were shifting personally and in the media.  Likewise the African Americans and African nations were fighting for equity and independence. 
 The most unique flag in the movie belongs to a fraternity - Theta, Delta, Chi.  When Ben runs into the Frat House, the flag can be seen.  It is a tri-bar of navy blue, white, and blue.  On the navy blue hoist part is a white Greek letter Theta.  In the middle white portion is a blue Greek letter Delta.  Finally a Greek letter Chi is on the fly-ward blue part. 
The letter Theta is not visible on the flag, but once inside, there is shot of the Fraternities letters framed in the dining room.

Monday, April 18, 2016

North Face Flag and Ski Gate Marker Vexilloids in Better Off Dead 1985

A North Face Flag appears in the 1980s teenage classic Better Off Dead 1985.  It has the North Face logo in green on a white background.  Another important vexilloid are the skiing gate markers.  In this case our hero Lane, played by John Cusack, is skiing through them.  

Better Off Dead was perfect 1980s cult classic loaded with campy quotable jokes.  It straddled the line of zany 80s comedy yet grounded itself with serious real tough to tackle life issues.  Cusack was not a part of the 1980s brat pack, but he surely carried his own weight living on making movies, up into the modern cell phone I-phone age.

The School Colours in Better Off Dead 1985

Better Off Dead 1985 stars John Cusack.  In this underdog hero story John deals with high school life in the middle of the 1980s.

The High School is Gale High whose school colours are navy blue and yellow.  In the bedroom of his x-girlfriend a high school pennant of Gale High can barely be seen.  It has navy blue letters on a field of yellow.  The colours can be best seen during a lunch scene with when a cheerleader sits near Lane.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Live with Lilly Banner from the Princess Diaries 2001

Before youtube, access to broadcasting local videos was extremely limited.  The show Live With Lilly is sponsored by the school - Grove High School.  With a modest budget, basic hand made banners can be seen.  The title of this segment is called Shutup And Listen.  

School Colours/Livery of Grove High - The Princess Diaries 2001

School colours or livery are official colours to represent a specific entitiy.  In this case the colours of Grove High School in San Fransico are yellow, baby blue, and white. 

The cheer leaders are holding pom poms with the school colours.  In the right hand of the front cheerleader is a long trailing flag .

Genovia National Seal for Flag

Princesses are real. And when one thinks of Disney Princesses, usually animated princess pop up in ones imagination.  However in 2001 a real life princess was released into Disney folklore - The Princess of Genovia in the film The Princess Diaries 2001.  This real life flesh and blood, un-animated princess of from fantasia is played by Anne Hathaway.

Disney has yet to make a Princess of Genovia doll, certainly one is overdue.  Unlike the other animated princess stories, the fictional Princess of Genovia does not use magic, witches, or fairy god-mothers to solver her problems.  This princess deals with reality like a normal human would.

The national seal for Genovia slightly differs for the royal arms.  The primary difference is the missing letter 'G'.  It can be found on the royal badge, but as for the national flag the arms are missing the special 'G'.

Genovia Royal Purple, Red, and Yellow Badge from the Princess Diaries 2001

The royal arms of Genovia, the fictional nation in the Princess Diaries 2001 is often used as a badge.  A badge is usually a icon or type of arms that is free for use on persons, things, and places under service of the royal member.   It can be seen as a badge on the left side of the chest as a badge for the royal staff.  It uses the colours red, purple, and yellow.  A stylized letter G is in the center.  It has two fluer-de-lis in yellow, and purple chevron.  On the chevron are two interlaced ringlets of yellow.  Below the arms is the motto on a yellow ribbon. 

The Royal Arms of Genovia is even intricately placed on the limousine privacy window. 

Grove School Flags, Livery and Emblems - The Princess Diaries 2001

The Grove School Emblem is a Lion as seen in Disney's 2001 production of the Princess Diaries.  The school flag can be seen in the introductory sequence next to the California state flag.  The school flag has a white background with a yellow lion's head facing forward.  The school's name is written in blue around the head in a circular manner.
The badge of Grove School is a blue disc with a yellow circle on the edge.  In the middle in a yellow male lion's head, with the school's name written in white underneath.  Along the left and right support sides of the lion's head are two while olive leaf branches.  A counter-change of colours is also visible on an athletic banner on the school's roof.  The lion is blue, and the background is yellow, but the olive branches are still white. 
In the party beach sequence a close up version of the schools badge can be seen on a kite.  The creators of the this badge were attentive to detail. 

The hero of the story, Mia must learn to trust her inner heart, in order honor her birthright position of power.  In the beginning of the film she starts out as a frizzy, bushy eye brow, otaku, class nerd.  But a lucky twist of fate has put her in a dynamic position.  The logo of the Grove School is clearly seen on her athletic school t-shirt.

Genovia Palace - The Princess Diaries 2001

The Genovia flag can be seen flying over the royal palace.