Saturday, January 2, 2016

Flag for the Malaysian/Indonesian Language

Malaysians and the majority of Indonesians are of the same race, language and religion. The pronounced national separation was due to Dutch and British colonial ambitions that have remained to their core.  A similar situation arose in Africa where tribes were separated by colonial powers but then when nations arose tribes were more loyal to the Colonial Political Constructs, nominally united by language, than their natural organic tribal cousins across the border. 
Long story short this the language flag for Malaysian or Indonesian which differ like Canadian and Kiwi English.   However the language flag of Malay or Indonesian uses patterns found of both nations. 

 The colours of navy blue and sea green reflect that language is the water element of a persons identity.  Like a water that fills a glass, whatever environment your early mind is shaped in you will take on that identity.  Learning a language is like learning to swim, it takes time and practice and eventually an ocean of information overtakes the mind.  Many people can only swim or sail in one type of ocean.  Some persons who are native to the English Ocean in the United States can paddle a little bit in the Spanish Ocean.  But nearly everyone in the United States can splash around in the kiddie pools of France, Japan, or China since they may know a few words: like Bonjour!  Shay Shay?  Oui!  Domoarigato!  It takes time and a lot of practice to sail in difference Linguistic Oceans, especially if you are a native to the English Ocean of Speech

Remember that most people in Canada and the United States may speak English, yet are not English. Thus one should not confuse language with ethnicity as is often the case with Spanish speakers, since there are many people who sail the Spanish Ocean their entire lives, yet do not have one drop of Spanish blood in the heart.  Once again, there are many people with English names in the USA who live their entire life in the English Ocean and have absolutely no English blood flowing their veins. 

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