Saturday, December 12, 2015

GMT or UTC +01:00 Time Zone Flag = The Rat Time Zone Flag

The flag for the UTC +1 Time Zone uses the colours white, red, and black. It features a red star in the lower white fly region to represent an addition of one hour to Greenwich Mean Time.  In the upper fly is the first symbol of the Eastern Zodiac - the Rat.  Note that Year of the Rat symbol is the Westernized symbol for the Year of the Rat.  

This time zone has many names which lends many names to this flag: GMT +1 Time Zone Flag, West Africa Time Zone Flag, Western European Summer Time Flag, British Summer Time Flag, Irish Standard Time Zone Flag, Swatch Internet Time Zone Flag, Romance Standard Time, and finally the Central European Time Zone Flag.

Nations that fall under the Rat Time Zone all year round include most of Central Atlantic Africa: Angola, Western Greater Congo, Little Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Benin, and Tunisia.

During the Fall and Winter much of the EU falls under Rat Time: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Bosnia, Albania, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra, San Marino, the Vatican, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Macedonia, Czech, and of course France.  

But during the Spring and Summer, much of the UK, Portugal, and Ireland switch to the Rat Flag.  Likewise during the same time frame - yet on opposite seasons - Namibia fall under the Rat Flag at nearly the same time as the British Isles.    

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