Monday, December 14, 2015

OCP Flag from Robocop II - 1990

Robocop I vs. Robocop II 1990

 The Corporate Flag of OCP (Omni Consumer Products) appears in the sequel Robocop II 1990.  It is not an accident that the flag is reminiscent of the Nazi Flag, since it has red field with a white disc and company logo on the center.  Likewise some of the OCP security staff wears uniforms that echo the fascist designs - see video below.  In the final fight scene, the OCP flag appears twice on the left and right side of the US flag in an auditorium. 

OCP is just one organization that is too big to fail
 Here the CEO of OCP can be seen yelling at his out of control 'Frankenstein' creations: Robocop II and Robocop I.

Although this movie was made in 1990, the union of mankind with cybernetic implants is well on its way and just around the corner. 


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