Saturday, December 12, 2015

GMT or UTC -08:00 Time Zone Flag = Scorpio Time Zone Flag

The flag for UTC -8:00 hours uses the colours black, white, and yellow.  The symbol of Scorpio indicates and reflects eight since it is the 8th sign of the Western Zodiac.  Subsequently the 8th sign of the Eastern Zodiac is the sheep which uses the same colours.  However the divide is opposite from upper hoist to lower fly.  But for The Scorpio Time Flag the divide is from the lower hoist to the upper fly.   The eight yellow stars also indicate that the eight hour offset from GMT or UTC Zero/Zulu hour.

Places that are always on Scorpio Time include: The Pitcairin Islands of the UK,  Clipperton Island of France, and Clarion Island of Mexico.  Also Ducie Island of a dormant unresolved claim of the United States falls under Scorpio Time.

Much of the West Coast of North America also fall under Scorpio Time during the Winter which includes California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.  But during the Daylight Saving Time, Alaska switches to Scorpio Time: UTC -8:00. 

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