Saturday, December 12, 2015

GMT or UTC -05:00 Time Zone Flag : Leo Time Zone Flag

UTC -05:00 is the time zone of the Original 13 Colonies plus a few more.  Leo Time Zone is the Eastern Time Zone during regular non-daylight saving time.  Leo Time has the greatest populations of Americans North and South.  Ironically it this time Zone includes the Eastern Half of North America, and the Western half of South America. 

The flag of Leo Time uses the colours blue, yellow, and white.  Leo is chosen because it is the 5th sign of the Western Zodiac and 5th time zone in the Western Hemisphere.

Nations that are permanently set to Leo Time include: Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador.  Additionally Easter Island of Chile,, the Cayman Islands of the UK, and Southampton of Island of Canada and Quintana Roo of Mexico are always set to Leo Time.

Fatefully the Lions of Detroit fall under Leo time when the Lions are playing their games a few weeks into the start of a new season.  But during Daylight Savings Time,  the Central Time Zone of the US and Canada joins the Leo Bandwagon, as does the majority of Mexico. 

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