Friday, December 4, 2015

Flag for the State with the Largest Maritime Area

The flag for the state with the largest maritime area is composed of the colours red, white and blue.  Along the fly is a trident which represents the powers of the sea.  On the field are lines of latitude, which are important in seafaring. 

Alaska is a state of many superlatives - biggest, tallest, coldest, most northern, most western - and it also holds the title of Largest Area of Maritime Waters under its jurisdiction.  But this wasn't always so.  Ten other states had once laid claim the America's Trident. 

Previously Michigan was the Sea King from 1837 until 1959.  Michigan reigned for 122 years, and is still the Sea King for the UCF - United Contiguous 48. 

Before Michigan, Louisiana was Sea Queen from 1812 until 1837.  Louisiana sailed as The Water Lord of America for 25 years, beating out New York's record by one year.  

Before Louisiana, New York had the biggest pool from 1788 until 1812.  New York's position as the Prince of American Pools lasted for 24 years.

Before New York, Virginia was the Princess of American Pools.  Virginia's reign lasted a solid month from June 25, 1788 until July 26, 1788. 

Before Virginia, Massachusetts was the Dominant Duck of American Seas.  Massachusetts' reign dominated the entire duration of America's "first" spring, from February 6, 1788 until June 25, 1788. 

Before Massachusetts, Georgia was the Crabby King of American waters. Georgia's reign lasted for a complete month with a little extra from January 2, 1788 until February 6, 1788. 

Before Georgia, New Jersey was the American Salty Dog.  New Jersey's reign was short one month, from December 18, 1787 until January 2, 1788. 

Before New Jersey, Delaware was the biggest Prince of Prawns.  It may seem unfair but Delaware holds all claims, including this one. But only for a week and a half from December 7, 1787 until December 18, 1787. 

Since these states no longer hold the title of the State with the Largest Maritime Area, they can fly the flag with the years or year listed when their were the largest water rulers of American Seas, or the most powerful "Waterbender" of the nation. 

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