Saturday, December 5, 2015

Flag for the Largest Internal State

So which state has the largest internal area that does not have an international border or coastline?  The answer: Nevada.  Thus this flag is for 'states' that have the largest area without private access to a foreign areas. 

The central square represents that this state had no direct international connections by land or sea, as it surrounded by red striped barriers.  The triangles reinforce that this state is disconnected from the sea and a land boarder.  

But Nevada was not always the Biggest State with inside connections.  From 1861 until 1864 Kansas was the largest inside state.  From 1821 until 1861 Missouri had the biggest internal organ of America.  But the first state to become the best insider was Tennessee, after Jefferson purchased Louisiana Territory rights from the Napoleon in 1803. 

In Mexico, Durango holds the title of largest internal state without a border by land or sea. In contrast with Canada, no province or territory is completely internal. I suppose that's why most Canadians have a keen international awareness.

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