Saturday, December 12, 2015

Flag for GMT or UTC 0:00 Time Zone Flag

The time zone that passes though Greenwich, England is the key tuning time fork for our planet.  Nowadays it, UTC Time or Coordinated Universal Time, is the standard which artificial times zones have been aligned with.  

The flag for "Zero or ZULU" 0:00 UTC/GMT uses the colours black, white, green and yellow.  Green in the central stripe as Greenwich was the original coordinated time keeper of Earth before UTC.  Likewise the symbol for an Ox was chosen as both Eastern and Western cultures include oxen in their mythical zodiac. The Ox is the second sign of the Greek Zodiac while the Bull is the second sign of the Chinese Zodiac. 

This flag can be flown anywhere in UK, Portugal, and West Africa since these nations are all United in Time to Zero-UTC:GMT

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