Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flags form Superfusion Book by Zachary Karabell

Flags on book covers are a popular motif. Especially for non-fiction international expositions and opinions, and secondly for espionage thrillers.  But every once and a while really snappy and original flags are created.

Here on the cover of Superfusion 2009 by Zachary Karabell the flags of China and United States have been fused.  To the average person they may just look like some strange nation, but after a moment the crossing of cantons becomes obvious.

This book delivers as its covers suggests, "How China and America become one economy and why the world's prosperity depends on it."

Note if you dig directly under the United States you won't hit China.  However the US has small antipodal parts that are directly underneath a portion of Antarctica and Africa -  Nigeria, Namibia; and the remote islands of the South India Ocean - Kerguelen.

Likewise if you are in China - parts of South America are directly underneath, notably Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and a remote part of the UK
Here the United States canton is superimposed on  the red field of China.

In contrast we have the field of American stripes overtaking the flag of China.

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