Sunday, October 18, 2015

United World Organization Arms from the Batman Movie 1966

In the first Batman movie Batman saves the UW.  The United World organization is where the leaders of the world united to discuss global issues.  The logo consists of a coloured map of the world with six continents, minus Asia.  Rumor has it that Asia is on the obverse of the logo, its an Oregon thang'.    The map of the world of six continents is underscored with crossed peacock feathers.  The logo is "PAX AETERNA"

 The UW looks remarkably like the UN.  Since this movie was created in 1966 several outdated flags can be seen, including: the starry Burma flag and the white elephant flag of Laos.  Note that the modern Libya flag reboot is flying, which had changed three times before returning to the 1966 version as it was in 2011.

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