Wednesday, October 7, 2015

International Waters Flag

The International Waters Flag is composed of four colours - red, white, navy blue, and indigo.  It is represents the unclaimed high seas that are beyond the jurisdiction of the nations.  It has a swallowtail design.  Once you have sailed to these deep blue waters, you can fly this flag.  This area of the Earth is the last unclaimed and vast expanse where national laws are ambiguous. 

The design of the flag takes elements of the two scuba diver flags - the 'metric' blue and white 'alpha' and the red American Diver Down. Currently International Waters begin 12 nautical miles from the lowest point of a low tide, directly out to sea. 12 nautical miles is about 14 miles or 22km.

Famous places flagged under International Waters include the wreck of the HMS Titanic at 41°43'55" North 49°56'45" West, the North Pole, and where the Prime Meridian meets the Equator at 0°0'0" North/South 0°0'0" East/West.  Finally the return of the first mission from the Moon unto the Earth, landed in International Waters, just beyond the waters of Johnston Island.

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