Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Flag for the Chuck Norris of Numbers - #73

The number flag for 73 is composed of two colours violet and yellow.  The upper hoist half that is violet represents 7 while the lower fly yellow represents 3. The yellow star in violet is a contrast indicator that coincidentally matches the ones column place value of the colour 3, which is yellow. Since 73 is only has two place values, only one star is shown. This number was dubbed the "Chuck Norris" of numbers due to its metaphysical harmonic associations.  So what perceived properties make is so?

1. It is the 21st Prime Number
2. Its mirror 27 is the 12th Prime Number
3. 21 is the product of 7 times 3
4. It's binary is a Palindrome, 1001001

Sheldon forgot to mention:

5. Messier Object 73 or M73 is an open cluster of stars in Aquarius but NGC73 is barred galaxy in Cetus
6. There are 73 books in the Catholic Bible
7. On CB Radio a 10-73 indicates a police speed trap
8. In the 1940 Superbowl the Redskins beat the Bears 73-0 the largest NFL margin ever
9. I-73 was an Imperial Japanese Navy Sub that was the first sub sunk by a US Naval Sub, and yes I-73 participated at the attack on Pearl Harbor
10 Interstate I-73 connects the coast of North Carolina to the north coast of Michigan
11. Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory show was born in 1973
12.  Finally, in Morse Code 73 is also a palindrome: _ _ ...... _ _ and can mean best rearguards


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