Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flag for #20099 - The year that the Islamic and Christian Calendars Synchronize (Estimated)

In the year 20,099 the Christian and Islamic calendars will synchronize.  Right now the Islamic calendar count is 679 years 'behind' the Western-Christian year of 2015.  It is the year 1436 Islamic Time, but 2015 by standard Christian Time.

Year 20,102
Although the Islamic calendar started 632 years after the regular Christian calendar, it runs a bit quicker because its calibrated to the cycle on the moon, independent of the solar-yearly cycle.  Subsequently it is slowly catching up.  It will finally catch up with the AD time in the year 20,099.  Thus you can write it 20,099AD/AH/CE all the same.  And for the next 32 years the Islamic count rate of years will be synchronized to the Christian count of years. 

Thus the years in between 20099AD until 20031HE will match up.  Also note, the Islamic Calendar will eventually surpass and run faster than the Christian calendar by one year.  Thus the year 20032AH will match to the year 20031AD.

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