Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flag for the year 141,630 - The Year the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars Align

Estimated Year Hebrew and Islamic Years Synchronize 141630 HE-Since Creation
Star Wars, Schmar Wars.....

In approximately 141 Millennia, the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars will match up.  Since the Islamic Calendar 'runs' fast it will take about one hundred and forty one thousand years for it to catch up! Right now the Hebrews have a four-thousand year head start.  As we are in the 2nd Millennium we only have 141 Millenniums to go!  Surely by then, we will have peace in the Holy Land?

Then in the year 141,662 the Islamic Calendar will surpass the Hebrew Calendar.  Of course if robot-genetically modified entities mess with the solar system, things may not work out.  We can only hope.

Just some food for thought. No doubt by that estimated year, a distant human-cybernetic succesor being-species could attain God of Abraham-like powers? Who knows maybe it already happened?  In some 140,000 years from now, the numbers of the Islamic year and Hebrew year will indeed match.  

Take that, Buck Rogers!

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