Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Metric Number Flag for #69

Coincidentally the Metric Number Flag for #69 is mix of blue and pink. They also represent the adopted colours of the male and female genders- world widely speaking.  Some people would argue that pink inherently represents the female form while blue the male form.  Going against this grain on this concept of colour to gender association is nearly impossible.  Perhaps the association with pink to girl is proof of the collective unconscious? Even the most objective mind can not undo the intuitive tendency to associate pink to female, however blue to male is easier to detach from its masculine association.

Just for contrast the Metric Number Flag for #96 is nearly a perfect converse but pink's contrast indicator is the colour blue, while indigo's contrast indicator is the colour white.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flag for the year 141,630 - The Year the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars Align

Estimated Year Hebrew and Islamic Years Synchronize 141630 HE-Since Creation
Star Wars, Schmar Wars.....

In approximately 141 Millennia, the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars will match up.  Since the Islamic Calendar 'runs' fast it will take about one hundred and forty one thousand years for it to catch up! Right now the Hebrews have a four-thousand year head start.  As we are in the 2nd Millennium we only have 141 Millenniums to go!  Surely by then, we will have peace in the Holy Land?

Then in the year 141,662 the Islamic Calendar will surpass the Hebrew Calendar.  Of course if robot-genetically modified entities mess with the solar system, things may not work out.  We can only hope.

Just some food for thought. No doubt by that estimated year, a distant human-cybernetic succesor being-species could attain God of Abraham-like powers? Who knows maybe it already happened?  In some 140,000 years from now, the numbers of the Islamic year and Hebrew year will indeed match.  

Take that, Buck Rogers!

Flag for #20099 - The year that the Islamic and Christian Calendars Synchronize (Estimated)

In the year 20,099 the Christian and Islamic calendars will synchronize.  Right now the Islamic calendar count is 679 years 'behind' the Western-Christian year of 2015.  It is the year 1436 Islamic Time, but 2015 by standard Christian Time.

Year 20,102
Although the Islamic calendar started 632 years after the regular Christian calendar, it runs a bit quicker because its calibrated to the cycle on the moon, independent of the solar-yearly cycle.  Subsequently it is slowly catching up.  It will finally catch up with the AD time in the year 20,099.  Thus you can write it 20,099AD/AH/CE all the same.  And for the next 32 years the Islamic count rate of years will be synchronized to the Christian count of years. 

Thus the years in between 20099AD until 20031HE will match up.  Also note, the Islamic Calendar will eventually surpass and run faster than the Christian calendar by one year.  Thus the year 20032AH will match to the year 20031AD.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flag for TLC - Tender Love and Care

Flag for TMI - Too Much Information

Flag for TFH - Thread from Hell

Flag for NUB - or Newbie

Flag for OMG

Flag for BFF

Flag for BTW - By The Way...

Flag for L8R - Later

Flag for TTYL

Flag for XOXO

Flag for NO

Flag for YES

Flag for WTF

Flag for LOL - letter 'L' letter 'Oh' letter 'L'

The metric letter flag for LOL is composed of the colours red, orange, and blue.

Flag for 3.14 - Pi Estimate Flag to the 100ths Place

This metric flag represents 3.14 or Pi to the 100ths place.  The yellow field with blue star represents 3, the brown field with an orange field represents the decimal point, the red field with white star represents 1, and finally the green field with a yellow star represents 4. 

Metric Number Flag for 420

Metric flags are logical numbered flags.  In the three digit case three stars indicates three digits of value. A green field with a yellow star represents 4, an orange field with a black star represents 2, and a white field with a black star represents Zero.  Thus this is the flag for the #420.

Flag for 5O or "Five-Oh"

The 5-O flag is composed of the colours blue and red.  Since blue is the 5th colour rainbow, the blue area in the beginning represents 5.  Since 'O' is the '15th letter in the alphabet it is composed of the first and fifth colours of the rainbow which are red and blue.  In our case the fly diagonal side represents the flag coloured letter 'O'.  Coincidentally US police units flash red and yellow lights on their vehicles when they are in pursuit. 

Flag for 86 - Getting 86'ed

You can declared something 86'ed or become 86'ed from an establishment - namely kicked out or banned from entry.  Now you can wave a flag to indicate the state of being Eighty-Sixed.  In the restaurant biz, instead of saying you're out of something people were 86'ed on onion rings or other type of food.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Metric Number Flag for 10191 - from the Dune Movie

The number 10,191 is mentioned in the 1984 sci-fi classic Dune.  It is during this year that the crap hits the fan and chosen one of the galaxy arises. Here is the Metric Number flag for this year.  It is composed of the colours red, white, pink, black and blue.

Flag for the Chuck Norris of Numbers - #73

The number flag for 73 is composed of two colours violet and yellow.  The upper hoist half that is violet represents 7 while the lower fly yellow represents 3. The yellow star in violet is a contrast indicator that coincidentally matches the ones column place value of the colour 3, which is yellow. Since 73 is only has two place values, only one star is shown. This number was dubbed the "Chuck Norris" of numbers due to its metaphysical harmonic associations.  So what perceived properties make is so?

1. It is the 21st Prime Number
2. Its mirror 27 is the 12th Prime Number
3. 21 is the product of 7 times 3
4. It's binary is a Palindrome, 1001001

Sheldon forgot to mention:

5. Messier Object 73 or M73 is an open cluster of stars in Aquarius but NGC73 is barred galaxy in Cetus
6. There are 73 books in the Catholic Bible
7. On CB Radio a 10-73 indicates a police speed trap
8. In the 1940 Superbowl the Redskins beat the Bears 73-0 the largest NFL margin ever
9. I-73 was an Imperial Japanese Navy Sub that was the first sub sunk by a US Naval Sub, and yes I-73 participated at the attack on Pearl Harbor
10 Interstate I-73 connects the coast of North Carolina to the north coast of Michigan
11. Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory show was born in 1973
12.  Finally, in Morse Code 73 is also a palindrome: _ _ ...... _ _ and can mean best rearguards


Metric Number Flag for 1436

The number flag for 1436 uses the colours red, white, blue, indigo, green and yellow.  The first band represents one, the second green one is four, the third yellow is three and the final indigo is six.  This is also the number for the current Islamic year.

Metric Number Flag for 5776

The number flag for 5776 uses the colours red, white, blue, purple and yellow.  Coincidentally the Jewish Year count, since the creation event, is of this pattern.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flag for 1,234,567,890 Billion

Yup, that's right, a flag for One Billion, Two-Hundred-Thirty-Four Million, Five-Hundred-Sixty-Seven Thousand, and Eight-Hundred-Ninety.  This flag utilizes all the colours of the Metric Flag System.  Note the beginning and last number are always shaped like triangles, while the middle numbers are always parallelograms.

Number Flag for 2020

The year 2020 is just around the corner, oh so much will change yet stay the same.

Number Flag for 1066

Number Flag for 1492

In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue?  He discovered America right?  Nope?  Some persons will immediately jump down your throat and correct you with self-righteous indignation and declare that Lief Erikson is the rightful discoverer of America!  But then what about the Indigenous peoples already living there? 

But back to 1492.  Well, Columbus did awaken the Eastern Hemisphere unto the Western Hemisphere, certainly it was a rediscovery or complete awakening of the Old World to New World, rather than the discovery of America, which he believed was Asia unto his dying day.

Number Flag for 1234

Number Flag for 1961

Number Flag for 2016

Number flag for 2015

Number Flag for 1776

Metric Number Flags for the Hundreds and more...

Once numbers reach the hundreds, the stars all come out for each place value.  This allows the reader to know which number is what to allay confusion.

The pattern continues with stars.  If you see four stars then you can assume that this flag represents a number in the thousands.  Likewise a flag with five stars represents a number in the  ten-thousands. Further a flag with six stars represents a number in the hundred-thousands.  Finally a flag with seven stars represents a number in the millions.

Metric Number Flags Numbers #10 to #39

The pattern continues until #99.  #99 is all pink with a blue stripe and blue star. 

Metric Logical Numbers for Flags

The Metric Number Flags are a logical system of flag coloring based upon the pattern of the rainbow with a few adjustments.

It makes sense that a white flag should represent Zero since this is considered all colours.  White is a unique colour since its specturm has all the colours.

Additionally the stars in the canton area can be substituted for another icon, so long as the pattern matches.

This system of flags departs from the international maritime flag system which is effective yet difficult to remember and understand.  The clarity of this the Metric Number Flags is further enhanced by the colour of the stars.

The flag for Zero is a black star on a field of white.

The flag for One has a white star on a field of red.

The flag for Two has a black star on a field of orange.

The flag for Three has a blue star on a field of yellow.

The flag for Four has a yellow star on a field of green.

The flag for Five has a red star on a field of blue.

The flag for Six has a white star on a field of indigo.

The flag for Seven has yellow star on a field of violet.

The flag for Eight has a white star on a field of black.

The flag for Nine has a blue star on a field of pink.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Postal Code Flag for L4W 1Y1 - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Postal Code Flag for J0A 1J0

St Georges Windsor, Quebec, Canada Zip Code Flag J0A 1J0.

Postal Code Flag for A0J 1J0 - Little Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Postal Code Flag for V4G 1N4

The postal code flag for V4G1N4 uses the colours red, white, blue, green, orange and purple.  The area is located in Delta, British Columbia.

Terrace Bay Zip Code Flag for P0T 2W0

The zip code flag for Terrace Bay, Ontario includes the colours red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and white.

Zip Code Flag for Canadian Postal Headquarters - K1A 0B1

It is at the Canadian Zip Code of K1A 0B1 - that's a "Zero Bee One, not Oh Bee One" - that holds the headquarters of the Canadian Post offices.

Canadaian Zip Code Flag for H0H 0H0 - The Canadian North Pole

Bet you didn't know that Santa Claus has more than one address?  Well he does, and the zip code of his Canadian address is H0H 0H0.  It is at this Canadian zip code that millions of letters get sent to.  Please note that those can be Os or zeros. The Canadian Post Office lists his address twice in English and French as:

H0H 0H0


H0H 0H0

Canadian Post Zip Code Flag for V5M 2H5

The Canadian Post Zip Code Flag for V5M 2H5 usues the colours red, white, blue, orange, black, and yellow.  The quarters of the upper fly and lower hoist represent the zip coded letters and numbers.   It is in this zip code that Vancouver Flim Studious operates one of its facilities.

Canadian Post Zip Code Flag - K1A 0A9

The Canadian Post Zip Code flag for K1A 0A9 includes the colours blue, red, white, and pink.  It is at this zip code that Canadian Parliament meets.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Zip Code Flag for 830-0052, Kurume City, Japan

The Zip Code Flag for 830-0052 utilizes the colours black, yellow, white, navy blue, orange, and red.  Interesting places within this zip code include the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy Statue - Naritasan.