Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Mad Max Fury Road Guship Boat Flag

In Waterworld 1995 a flag can be seen on the "Mad Max Fury Road Gunship Boat".  No bait and switch here,  this is an epic post-apocalyptic world that has the Earth covered in water, thus the name Waterworld.  This movie delivers like its name suggests, and it has lovable three dimensional bag guys who make you hate them while making you laugh.  Likewise the good guys are not all virgin white horse pure cartoonish goodies, our heroes and heroines in this story have ugly and not so nice irrational sides as well. 

A severely underrated, fun, spectacular movie made before the dawn of CGI totality.  It is a fun satire from the past applicable to present time issues.  Waterworld is an all American classic that will surely stay afloat through the ages, unlike several cartoonish one dimensional CGI funkfests of 2015. 

The flag on the gunship boat has a white field and blue area canton.  It looks like it may have once been a flag for a shipping company or yacht club.

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