Thursday, August 6, 2015

Semaphore Flags in Waterworld 1995

Semaphore flags appear in the 1990s post apocalyptic future movie that has madness to the fury max - Waterworld 1995.  During the assault by the smokers on a self sustaining atoll semaphore flags are used to coordinate the attack.  The flags are old and tattered in this resource and material poor civilization.

One flag used by the port semaphore is the international code for "P"-Papa which is a white flag with a blue frame, in his right hand.  In his left hand is the international code for "V"-Victor which is a red X on background of white, which is similar to the flag of Florida.

The starboard semaphore is holding the "J"-Juliet flag in his right hand which is a horizontal tribar of blue, white, blue - which is similar to the flags of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras.  In his right hand he is holding the "K"-Kilo flag which is yellow and blue - which is similar to the flag of Ukraine. 
As batteries and radios are hard to come by, communication with flags has become a standard protocol due to his cheap and energy efficient costs.

Here the crew furiously waves the flags so that a mad man in a road rage max should stop shooting.  But the gunner is mad to the max, and cannot hear nor see the signal to stop firing.

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  1. what are the names of those two boys doing the flag signals?