Monday, August 10, 2015

Flag for Mexicans born in Europe

The flag for Mexicans born in Europe uses similar colours of the national Mexican flag.  However the arrangement is out of order and the white portion is extended as a field with a green and red stripe on the fly.

List of Famous Mexicans born in Europe

Roger von Guten - Mexican artist born in Switzerland
Laurette Sejourne -  Real life "Female Mexican Indiana Jones" archaeologist born in Italy
Hernan Cortez - First European born leader on the Continent of North America from Spain
Vladimir Victorovich Kibalchich - Mexican painter born in St. Petersburg, Russia
Wolfganag Robert Paalen - Mexican artist from Austria
Carl Wilhelm Kahlo - Mexican photographer from Germany
Martin Tritschler - Mexican patriot soldier and clockmaker from Germany
Jacquline Voltaire - Mexican actress born in England
Leonora Carrington - Mexican painter and women's liberation leader born in the UK
Alexander Balankin - Mexican scientist born in Moscow, Russia
Marcos Moshinsky Borodiansky - The Mexicsn Jewish Scientist born in Ukraine
Henryky Szeryng - Jewish-Mexican violinist born Poland
Miroslava - The "Mexican Marilyn Monroe" actress born in Czech
George Rosenkranz - Mexican chemist born in Hungary

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