Monday, August 10, 2015

Flag for Mexicans born in Asia

The flag for Mexican born in Asia conserves the colours of Mexico but in a different order and ratio of colours.  Red is given the dominant field position and white and green fly stripes.

List of notable Mexicans born in Asia

Sanjaya Rajaram - Mexican agriculturalist from India, Varanasi District
Zhenli Ye Gon - Mexican business leader from China, Shanghai
Hiromi Hayakawa - Mexican actress and singer from Fukuoka, Japan
Catarina de San Juan - Mexican designer from India who crated China Polana
Midori Sukuki - Mexican painter from Japan
Sinzaburo Takena - Mexican artist from Japan
Dai-Won Moon - "Mexican Father of Taekwando" or "Korean Bruce Lee" from suburban Seoul, Korea

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