Sunday, July 5, 2015

Other Flags in the original Lambda Lambda Lambda Fraternity House - Revenge of the Nerds 1984

All kinds of flags appear in the Revenge of the Nerds film from 1984.  Flags are used as house decorations to set a festive atmosphere as social signal joke banners. The upper flag is the married signal joke flag.  It has a red background with a white ball and chain.  Not a slavery flag, rather it indicates that the persons here can not go out and party because she or he is married.

The other flag is the Beer Mug flag.  It has sky blue background and filled mug of freshly poured draft beer.  It indicates that a party is going on and persons are enjoying a festival for persons over 21 years of age, at least in the United States.  You can
also see the school pennant for Adams College in this shot.  It is a red pennant with the schools coat of arms. Another alcoholic flag can be seen on a bulletin board - the glass of wine flag.  It has white background with a red wine glass upon it.  It is visible when the pigs are let loose at the Lambda Lambda Lambda probationary party.

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