Friday, July 10, 2015

End of an Era for the Confederate Battle Flag


The Confederate Battle Flag was lowered today at 10:00am EST on the capitol grounds of South Carolina.

This flag was a polarizing flag.  It stirred the heart of South to North and Black to White.  Its elegant design gave it a natural and beautiful essence, but its meaning was deeply and passionately charged in the eye of the beholder.  It had a Yin and Yang or rose like effect on the American Heart from pride to shame, guilt to innocence, victory to surrender, black to white, North to South, ignorance to knowledge, humour to all seriousness, pain to pleasure, and hate to love.

Mysterious scars remain upon the psyche of the American heart, and only the mysterious threads of history under the good guidance of time's gentle, healing hand, know when and where the fleeting screams from yesterday will stop.  With time and compassion, we will enlarge to that highest level of understanding and begin to love again.

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