Monday, July 6, 2015

Lazarus Flag from Interstellar - 2014

 A unique flag appears in the movie Interstellar 2014, directed by Christopher NolanOf vexillological insterest is the Lazarus Mission Flag.  In this movie theoretical physics meets Hollywood under the smooth starlight of Matthew McConaughey. 

A tattered Lazarus flag can be seen beneath the flag of the United States on one of the mysterious planets.  Its poor condition is due to flying nonstop for over a decade in some distant galaxy far from Earth.
The mission patch for LAZARUS IV is on the right arm of Dr. Hugh Mann.  The story of Lazarus is related to reviving life after death.  Note that the resurrection of Lazarus after his death is accepted as Divine Truth by Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Mormons, Moonies, Sikhs, Druze, and Samaritans. However those of Hindu-Buddeic, Janian, Jedi, Pagan, Shinto, pre-literate faith, and athiest creeds need not accept it. 
In the conference room the 12 bravest persons to go on a Lazarus mission can be seen with the US flag on the left and what seems to be the Lazarus flag on the right.  Coincidentally 12 men have walked on the moon and 12 is semi-mystical number for all the races of Earth. 
The best close up of the Lazarus flag that is intact, but in a saggy indoor stance. Here the two heroes of the story are seen here hugging each other.  In the end, gravity and love are connected in the film as one of the greatest forces in the Universe, or is it a Multi-Verse? 

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  1. Found ya a MUCH better image of the flag - Would love to see it made into a higher quality image by someone, maybe even a real life purchasable flag, patch, hat etc. :D