Thursday, July 30, 2015

Flag for persons of mixed Jain and Druze faiths - "Drewjainian"

The Druze and Jain are mysterious religions from Arabia and India, respectively.  This flag is for persons who have one parent of the Druze religion and the other from the Jain tradition.  Druze are often confused as being Muslims, likewise people of the Jain path are thought to be Hindu.  Coincidentally both the Druze and Jain recognize reincarnation as a fundamental belief, but their approaches to connecting with the divine are radically different, from each other and both from Islam and Hinduism.

Note there is a connection between the hand of the Arabic Hamsa Fatima and the Jain Ashimsa Hand.

The design of the flag takes its colours and designs from the official Druze and Jain flag but rotated on its axis 90 degrees.  The Jain hand of 'do no harm to a living creature' is white and has the 24 slotted mandala coloured with the four of the Druze colours.  In the center the 'ahimsa' be at peace is a white star reflective of the Druze star but it completely coloured white as the fifth element of the Druze colour scheme.  The white star and white hand denote the divine grace that can be found in both approaches to life, when lived in its best quality.

Photo Credit: from RT video below

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