Monday, July 20, 2015

Flag for Canadians born in North America

The flag for Canadian citizens born in North America is composed of the Canadian colours of red and white. 

List of prominent Canadians born in North America

Eduardo Sebrango - Canadian soccer player born in Cuba
Ona Grauer - Actress, noted for Stargate roles - born in Mexico (Mexican-Canadian)
Sandra Gulland - Canadian writer from Florida, USA 
Klea Scott - Actress from You Can't Do That on Television born in Panama, when it was a US territory 1968 (Same birth locale of John McCain)
Brendan Fraser - Canadian at birth from Canadians Citizens living abroad in Indiana, USA
Lauren Holly - Canadian born in Bristol, Pennsylvania; x-wife of Jim Carrey, duel USA-Canadian Citizen 
Trisha Romance - Canadian water colour painter born in the State of New York
Michael "Pinball" Clemons - Canadian Football magnate born in Florida, USA
Colm Feore  - Canadian Actor born in Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth May - Canadian MP born in Connecticut, USA 
Richard Hall - Canadian Politician from California, USA
Daniel Clark - Canadian Actor from Illinois, USA   
Matt Frewer - Canadian 80s icon Max Headroom from Washington DC, USA 

Laura Secord - The "Canadian Bella Boyd" heroine of the 1812 War of Southern Aggression was born in Massachusetts, or rather Bella Boyd was the "Confederate Laura Secord" during the 1861 War of Northern Aggression - depending on your point of view.  

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