Monday, July 20, 2015

Flag for Canadians born in Europe

The flag for Canadians born in Europe is simple.  It has three yellow leaves in formation, like the flight pattern of Canadian Geese in flight.

List of Prominent European born Canadians

William Berczy - Canadian colonial painter born Germany 
Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov  - Canadian Chess Master born in Russia
Sir John A Macdonald - First Canadian Prime Minister 1867 born in Scotland 
Alexander Mackenzie - Second Canadian Prime Minster born in Scotland
Corneliu Chisu - Canadian MP born in Romania
Cornelius Krieghoff - Canadian landscape painter born in the Netherlands
Mario Silva - Canadian MP born in Portugal
Peter Arend Stoffer - Canadian MP born in the Netherlands
John Limniatis - Canadian soccer player born in Greece, and same age as the new Canadian flag
Mike Lazaridis - Canadian technology leader born in Europe portion of Turkey 

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