Friday, July 31, 2015

Flag for people of Gypsy and Sikh heritages

The Jipseek flag is for persons who are modern mixes of Gypsy and Sikh heritages.  The Gypsy people are thought to originate from the Punjab area some 1000 years ago.  Sikh men are required to wear turbans in public; while the mystical Gypsy in a turban stereotype, which is no longer true, is a prominent feature in the American imagination.

Gypsies or Romani can be of any faith, most are Christian, some are Muslim, and a small minority follow traditional folk spirituality.  Sikhs by definition are their own religion created in a fusion of the Abrahamic traditions with Hinduism.

Thus this flag is for persons who have one Sikh parent and one Romani parent, or some degree of this pair.  Coincidentally genetic and linguistic evidence connects the Romani people as originating out of the Sikh homeland of Punjab, long before the genesis of the Sikh religion.  The colours of the flag are based upon the official Roma flag, while the central icon is a combination of Roma and Sikh icons.


  1. In Serbia and other European countries they use this-

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