Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chris Rock's South Carolina Heritage Flag Proposals

The winning design was presented to then South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges.  The flag featured the stars replaced with stars from the WB network.

 In a satire to replace the Confederate Flag, Chris Rock went to the streets of South Carolina to ask people what they think about different flags to replace the Confederate Battle Flag.

This is the Silly Saltine on the blue background flag.
 This is the Malcolm X flag.
 This the odd South Carolina OKKK flag.

Another absurd flag is the OJ Simpson with female Caucasian flag.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

North Korean Gay Pride Flag or North Korean Peace Flag? You Decide!

It all depends on how you look at it?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kermit Konfederate Flag Centered Properly

Fun fact is that Kermit is from Mississippi!  Remember folks choose Humour not Hate!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Proposals for a New Mississippi State Flag?

 These flags conserve the overall design of the modern Mississippi State Flag.  Instead of the Confederate battle flag you can substitute another non-offensive Southern Heritage symbol - like the Bonnie Blue Flag. This flag takes original design elements, conserves Southern Heritage, and keeps it modern.   
 Here the Southern Crescent is used. Nominally a symbol of South Carolina, but it is also a general symbol of Southern Values.  In this case its meaning can be doubly extended to reflect the new communities of the Islamic South, which in 2015 is an extreme minority.  Also note that an unknown, yet sizable portion of slaves brought over from Africa had Islamic heritage.  The most famous being Kunta Kinte who was popularized in the Roots television series from 1977, played by LeVar Burton and John Amos.
The original Naval Jack of the Confederacy conserves heritage.  It only has seven stars as Mississippi was a part of the Original Southern Seven.  The seven states that left the Union before Lincoln was inaugurated include: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.

This flag has a multilateral meaning.  The crescent symbol is related to the South with a smaller Bonnie Blue Star in the upper corner.  But it can also represent the portion of Islamic African immigrants who were forcibly bonded into American service, long before Mississippi was a state.

Also note the Starry Symbolic preserves some of the modern design, but diminishes Southern Heritage Symbols, if not for basic framework of the original flag. 

In the end it is a good bet that the Original Mississippi State flag from 1861 will be chosen.  If the people of Mississippi decide to change their flag it will mostly likely happen on November 6, 2015.  Reason being, it was 150 years from that date that the last in military service and official Confederate Flag was lowered on the CSS Shenandoah, on November 6, 1865, thus putting a final surrender and salute to the legion of heroes who severed in the US Civil War.  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Flag for the 13 Colonies Area, East of Georgia

The 13 Colonies Region Flag is a type of historical-geographic flag that represents the Colonial Area East of the Colonial Meridian, which is the most western point of Georgia.  This flag can be flown anywhere east of that line, approximately 85 Degrees West. 

Besides the 13 Original, four other states are in this area: Ohio, West Virginia, Maine and Vermont in addition to Washington DC. 

Flag for Region of the West of the Original 13 Colonies

There are 27 states that are completely west of the Original 13 Colonies, as defined by the western edge of Georgia.  Thus there are 28 stripes on this flag, seven in each bar.  The extra stripe is a fractional stripe that accounts for the states that teeter the line between the Old Colonial East and Western States. 

This flag can be flown in any part of the US west of the 13 Colonies Meridian.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thirteen Colonies Colonial Meridian Flag

The Thirteen Colonies Colonial Meridian Flag is a type of geographic flag.  It should be flown at 85 Degrees West.  It represents the most western point of the Original 13 Colonies, which is the most western point of Georgia.  An interesting fact is that four states which were not a part of the original 13 are completely east of the most western point of the Original 13; states that are essentially aligned and were vital living parts of the 13 Colonies include Ohio, West Virginia, Vermont, and Maine.  A few states teeter in between the "Original Flavor" and "The Old Frontier".   States that do so are Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.  Thus these six states can always fly this flag. 

Cities that rest on this meridian include: Bay County, Florida; Auburn, Alabama; Trenton, Georgia; Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Anderson, Indiana; Kalamazoo, Michigan & Grand Rapids, Michigan;

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Emmaus, Pennsylvania Moravian Church with Peace Flag

Emmaus, Pennsylvania is located in Lehigh County.  It is home to a beautiful Moravian Church that has become a local icon.  This church can be seen on the local street banners.

In the foreground is a unique peace flag that uses peace signs as the center point of several flowers, in front of the Moravian Church.

The spirit of the Moravian church originates in the heart of Europe during the Protestant Reformation in the of nation Czech, which often sounds strange unless it is followed by "republic" as in Czech Republic.  It was in Central Europe where the spirits of Latin, Germanic, and Slavic peoples mingled to higher degrees than most places in Europe.

But of religious context, Biblical Emmaus is located in West Asia.  It was "on the way to Emmaus" were Jesus reappeared to meet two disciples after crucifixion in the Book of Luke.  

Here is the printed Emmaus banner hanging off a utility pole.

Emmaus Pennsylvania, Open Flag

 The local business in Emmaus, Pennsylvania have made good use of unique welcome sign that is a standard.  It has a candle in a white circle.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Penn State flag on the Moon by 2015?

Penn State has some pie in the sky ambitions to put a robot and the University flag on the Moon before the end of 2015?  With less than half a year to go, maybe soon?