Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Galapagos Geographic Span Flag

The Galapagos Geographic Span flag has colours and patterns the indicate the rage of longitudes and latitudes that these islands can be found at.  Since we have a blue canton it denotes it is in the Western Hemisphere.  Since the Galapagos spans both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, its flag has upward and downward pointing stars.  The upward pink and orange stars indicate that the most western longitude of the Galapagos is at 92 Degrees West, while the downward black and pink stars indicate that the most eastern land area of the Galapagos is at 89 Degrees West.  The smaller stripes always indicate the northern most reach of the Galapagos at 01 Degrees North, while the larger stripes always indicate the most southern reach of the these islands at 01 Degrees South.  Again since the Geographic span of the Galapagos crosses the equator it has stars pointed up and down.

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