Saturday, May 16, 2015

Temporal Rank Chart - Planetary Timing for Experience

Depending on how long you have been working at a place, here are temporal badges that indicate time with a particular organization.  It can also be used to indicate time periods.  Thus whence you turn a certain age for Family, Authority, and Royal ranks that means you are one year old by that heavenly bodies definition.  But note the early friendly ranks, deal with time frames less than a month.

Also note when adapting temporal planetary badges to an organization it is permissible to change the style of shield and colours. Let's say you only worked at Mack & Manco's Pizza for only one hour to six days, then you are able to wear the first point badge of experience.  But once you work one week, your dot gains a circle, then with two weeks a second circle, three weeks a fourth circle.  Also note the colours can be adapted to the organizations colours.  Note it is a good idea to offer bonuses, promotions, and extra privileges at each leveling up, if this does not happen then you are essentially a slave, and should quit and boycott that place.

 Below is an example for a persons who may have worked for Mack & Manco's Pizza.  Also note that each region of the US has its own style of Pizza: New York City, Chicago, etc.  But this is New Jersey's finest pizza, it is worth a try if you happen to visit the Garden State.  This is one of America's finest most original pizzas.  The Best Pizza of New Jersey!

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