Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mr. Cluck's Restaurant Flag from Lost Television Series - 2010

Mr. Cluck's Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture - Mt. Fuji
 On the Lost television series produced on abc, a unique flag appears during the final season.  The flag is based upon a restaurant called Mr. Cluck's.  Something like Popeye's Chicken or KFC.  In this show a person by the name of Hugo became thr leading CEO and climbs the planet placing his franchises all across the world. 

 Here the CEO of Mr. Clucks is Hugo Reyes, better known as "Hurley."  Hurley wins the lottery and is able to take over the Mr. Cluck's franchise.  Hurley was played by Jorge Garcia of Nebraska. 

Here the livery of the corporation's colours can be seen.  Hugo initially started off as a lowly front line man on the registers who took orders from the mean-hole boss.  But fate stepped in and changed his life forever.

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